Bento Lunch Box Combo

The holidays are coming to an end and I've already started buying all the things needed for my son, such as uniforms, bag, shoes, accessories and not to forget his lunch box. Well, it was not that easy to make the best choice for the lunch box as it was one of the most important accessory to be considered. So, I finally bought a Bento Lunch Box Combo for him.

The main thing to consider here is that he has to have a full meal even at school so as to stay healthy and thus, he will remain fit and active the whole day. It is a must to have fruits and vegetables everyday. So, I've decided to make a planning for his day to day meal.

In fact, I've found this lunch box very practical and easy for him to open too. At only one glance of the meal will boost his appetite because it will look so cute, organized and colorful in this lunch box.

Well, there are many advantages of having this lunch box and if you wish to consider it too, then, let me share them with you.

  • As you can see in the picture above, it has four compartments in which you can put the complete meal which consists of either bread, sandwich, rice, vegetables, fruits, desserts, biscuits, snacks and sauces. So, you won't need to add more containers, thus, it's an All-In-One and easier to handle too.
  • It is leakproof and therefore the lunchbox is tight sealed. The food won't leak out.
  • The containerss are removable and can be easily washed for later use.
  • It is durable and you can have it in blue color too. So, here you can choose the favorite color of your kid.
For you to have a better idea about how it works, then do view the pictures below:

Look at the kids in the above picture how they are having fun with their Bento Lunch Box Combo.

I highly recommend it to everyone and I'm sure you won't be disappointed too. Let your kid go back to school happily and healthily.

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