What is Meditation?

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In the past, when I first heard about this word I was unaware about what it was like. I said to myself why not try it and I did. Since then, it had become a part of my life and that part had started growing till it had overwhelmed me totally.

Many people think that Meditation is same as Yoga but it is not true. Yes, in Yoga you do meditate but only as basic because you are mostly involved in physical exercises to keep your physical body fit. 

Real Meditation is to go deep within. In fact, it is the only way to TRUTH, meaning, it helps you to go deep into silent mode where you won't feel the physical body at all.

It is only a process that takes you to deep relaxation and a preparation for you to be ready to absorb Cosmic Energy. In this preparation, the dissolution of thoughts and emotions which have been accumulated since past many lives and present life too, takes place.

Dissolution in another word is Purification Process or as I call it The Cleansing Process. Purification happens only by absorbing more and more Cosmic Energy.
Once that preparation is on activation mode, energy starts flowing within you and immediately after, the activation of the Cleansing Process takes place. 

You only need to be more opened for energy to enter you. Be more with energy than with thoughts and emotions.

So, Meditation is only a word which is being used as a Title and its subtitle is Meditation Techniques which are the most important of all. Inner transformation happens only when you practice meditation techniques. No prayer, no mantra can transform you. 

For example:

To keep your physical body fit, you will have to do physical exercises.
To pass your exams, you will have to do a lot of homework.

The same applies here, if you wish to be transformed then you will have to practice meditation techniques regularly. This inner transformation will help you to be a peaceful and blissful being. You won't have thoughts which will give you stress and you won't feel hurt too because thoughts and emotions are connected.

First, you will have to sit comfortably so that you won't feel pain in your physical body. You can sit on a sofa, no need to sit on the floor because you won't be comfortable for that.

Be comfortable in your physical body first, then you will be able to give access to Cosmic Energy in you.

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