Samsung Galaxy S5 is among the trending topics nowadays. Many people are in the urge to buy one and many has already bought too. Well, they have been attracted to it by its features and also by its great looks. In fact, it consists of Full HD Screen, Camera with LED Flash, microSD card, high memory, Fingerprint Sensor, Bluetooth, and so on.

If you already have one, then you will wish to change its casing by choosing your favorite theme, right?

In fact, there are so many themes available such as Floral, Handmade, Polka Dot, Bling Diamond Folio, Zebra Stripe, Hearts, and so on. Today, I am going to share with you some Space Designed ones. I know that many people love the Space Theme which means mystery. They love the stars, the moon, the galaxies and mainly all these lights with a dark background. The reflections of these lights create beautiful and attractive colors as well. It seems as if from that dark background the rainbow colors are taking birth.

The Space Cases which I am going to share with you today will protect your mobile phone as they are hard cover cases.

So, here they are:

They are very attractive and I know you will love them too. They are also great as gifts.

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