Well, I know that many are getting ready to go back to school after long holidays. In fact, they are excited about having new uniforms, backpacks, stationaries and so on. They want to have the best things and not to forget their favorite too.

As you know, girls are prone to pink color and for that many things had been created and one of them are back to school supplies. So, today, I am going to share with you the 'My Little Pony' back to school supplies which are very famous and attractive too. I am sure that these little angels will love them all.

First of all, look at this cute backpack below:

This is one of the best backpack which is made of 100% Polyester material along with Polyester lining and it can be hand washed without any problem.

It is of 16" high, 12" wide, 10" shoulder drop, enough to put all the stationaries and books in it. 

As it consists of two compartments, so in the bigger one, you can put all the books and the stationaries in the smaller one. It features all the ponies too.

Isn't it cute?

Now, it's time to fill the backpack. 

So, what are you going to put in it? 

Don't worry, My Little Pony is here to help you. You will find that I have included Coloring Book, Sticker Activity Book and Imagine Ink Book. They can use these during their play time. They are creative and educative too. So, their time will not go wasted. In fact, they will enjoy.

Here are the ideas for you:

Finally, how about the lunch box?

Well, here are some of them which I've chosen for you:

So, how did you find these? 

Have I missed something? 

Please, do let me know about it.

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