Rainbow Rubber Loom Bands have been very famous recently. You can use them to make chains, bracelets, decorations, toys, and more. You can use the colorful ones mixed or even one color only. I remember I used them to make skipping ropes.

It is a great hobby for kids indeed because you can find them busy in creating new things with these multi-colored rubber loom bands. As it is easier to create new things with them, so the kids do have great fun along with their friends. 

The Colorful Loom Rainbow Twistz Bandz Rubber Band Refill Pack you are seeing in the picture above consists of 1 loom board, 4400 pieces of Rubber Bands, 144 pieces of S-Clips, 6 pieces of Loom Tool, 1 Set of Instructions, 12 pieces of Charms Ship Random and 2 Package Mix 12 Raindrop Colors Refill Pack (2*600 pcs). So, 5,600 pieces of Rubber Bands in all.

Isn't it awesome?

Just view the pictures below and you will have an idea about what you can create with the same.

As you can see below, you can have multi-colored and beautiful rubber bands in an organized way. Each set of rubber bands is placed in separate small compartments to differentiate as per their colors and this is only to make your task more easier. You can choose which color you wish to use and start using your creativity to make beautiful and attractive things.

Well, if you are a beginner in this field, then do try the instructions which are found in the pictures below. They are very easy to make and you will love to devote your time in the same.

Do watch these YouTube Videos below for more Tutorials. 

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