Being pregnant is such a beautiful experience. I know that one has to bear the pain and weight during nine months and it is not that easy but there is only one thing that encourages the mother to bear all this during the pregnancy process and it is the baby who is growing in the womb. The love, compassion, caring nature of the mother are the strength to bring the baby in this world.

I can say that when a woman is pregnant, she is the most beautiful woman in the world because she becomes the Creator herself. The beauty of her womb, the feeling of the new Creation, the love, the communication of the mother with her unborn baby and there are so many such things that are really amazing. This is the greatest feeling that one can experience.

During pregnancy or even before a woman is pregnant, she is a bit scared about the process of pregnancy. This is because she is thinking about the security of the baby, she doesn't know much about the pregnancy process and she wants to deliver her baby in good health and safely.

Nowadays, there are so many facilities to take out that fear. First of all, there are so many effective books on Pregnancy which can be of great help. 

Don't forget, knowledge is important for a preparation only but the most important are the experiences which you go through.

So, be prepared first, then without any fear go for the most beautiful experiences.

I have selected some interesting books for you today. So, do read the one that touches you the most.

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