Fall Leaf Vanilla Scented Autumn Flameless Candle Set

Scented Candles 

Scented candles have always been present in my home whether it is on my dining table or on a corner table in the living room. I even use them in the kitchen and bedrooms too as the fragrance which they spread do transform the atmosphere into a relaxing one. 

In fact, there are various candle scents but I love this one which is of vanilla and lavender one the most. As I’m fond of flowers, I always wished to bring them indoor too and this time in candle forms. I do have many of them at home which are of different flowers and this time I have chosen leaves which are really amazing ones. 

Why Scented Candles? 

Well, if you are busy the whole day and there’s no one at home, you will obviously close all your doors and windows for security purpose. What happens is that when you enter your home, you have the feeling that the house is suffocating. It does create the smell of suffocation which is a different kind of smell actually and which is not welcoming at all. 

What I normally do is first I lit my most favorite scented candle so that it can spread its fragrance all around and make my home more welcoming and fresher. 

About the Scented Candle in the picture above  

This one is a set of two flameless candles which are made of wax and a wooden tray is included so that you can place both on it. They normally function with batteries. You will have the beauty of autumn colorful leaves on them which makes great decoration for the home. The vanilla fragrance which spreads all around is really refreshing. They give a flickering glow which makes them more beautiful. 

As I’m using them, I found that they are very useful and create a peaceful atmosphere in return. 

For the Fall Season, let's decorate our home beautifully and be ready to welcome our dearest ones. Let's organize parties so that we can enjoy along with our relatives and friends. Who knows when we'll be together again. Let's take advantage of the present moment and enjoy to the fullest. 

For that I've brought to you some fall decorations which you will definitely love to adopt in your home too.

"A lit candle reflects the inner transformation of a human being. When it starts spreading its fragrance all around, then know that the inner transformation has been total.
Here, we can say we are free from sufferings. Sufferings which are attracted by thoughts and emotions.
Work for spreading fragrance all around you and be a free, peaceful and blissful being." 

- Mrinalini Eroolen

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