Christmas has always been a great day for everyone. On this special day you will find gift giving, caroling, Christmas music, cards, lights, trees, garlands, wreaths and so on.

This holiday also brings the family, relatives and friends together for a dinner. Then comes the exchange of gifts. The kids wait for Santa to bring their most wished gifts.

It is such a great feeling while decorating the home and the Christmas tree. Everyone wants their decorations to be unique and rare.

This is why today, I have brought to you some very rare Christmas Trees and Decorations. 

So, here they are:

The traditional colors of Christmas are red, green and gold. There are also so many other Christmas decorations such as bells, candles, angels, stockings, candy canes, stars, snowflakes and so on.

In some countries, Christmas banners and lights are hung along the streets. There is also great entertainment with music and Christmas Carols. 

Christmas trees also are displayed in some places which are giant in size and very well decorated.

In all these, we cannot forget Santa Claus. He is the Father Christmas dressed in his red and white costume and holding his big bag full of gifts for the kids. He is normally seen as a jolly and bearded man who bring happiness to the kids.

Although it is a belief only, the kids are happy for some moments only. They are happy as they are eager to see their wishes fulfilled. You will find an eagerness in them to have the toys they wanted for so long. 

This eagerness at first and finally the excitement in their eyes after receiving their gifts are worth seeing. 

So, the kids are now busy in preparing their wish list well in advance. As for the adults, they are already busy with their shopping which includes gifts for close friends and relatives and also Christmas Decorations.
In fact, you are on the preparation in bringing happiness in your home and also in making it very welcoming and comfortable.

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