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Are you looking for the perfect kitchen gadgets to make your tasks more easier?
Well, your wait is finally over. Here, you will find simple tools which you will need in order to get yourself on a fast track to a healthful living.
Although they are simple tools, they are also useful. I'm sure you will definitely be impressed while using them.

Stem Gem Strawberry Huller
This Strawberry remover makes short work of prepping fresh berries. The claw is made of durable stainless steel. It is dishwasher safe and easy to use. You just have to insert the Stem Gem into the strawberry, twist and remove the stem. The strawberry will remain intact. This tool can be easily kept in a kitchen drawer and you can also core tomatoes and other similar soft fruits or vegetables with it.

Tomato Slicer

This Tomato Slicer consists of 8x ultra sharp serrated stainless steel blades for optimum slicing performance. The special long points along the blade pierce the fruit skin to aid and clean cutting. The integrated dish catches excess juice and seeds. It also consists of a soft grip handle that ensures ease and accuracy of use. 

Salad Spinner

This Salad Spinner is made of robust quality. It is durable, time-tested and a resistant powerhouse which can really help you in your kitchen. 
It comes with 3 parts:
~  Clear outer bowl~  Slotted basket doubles as colander~ Tight fitted lid features with an instant stop spin brake button
These are the food safe and health benefits:
~ It removes excess water with fast spin centrifugal force.~  It can reduce germs and potential bacteria.~  It washes leafy greens thoroughly and dry efficiently
It accommodates large party with an easy storage and it is perfect for juicing prep and party presentation.

One Click Stick Butter Cutter

This Butter Cutter is made of plastic with stainless steel blade. It easily slices cooled butter evenly and may be stored in the refrigerator for easy use. It is also dishwasher safe. Well, it is a very handy table and buffet helper.

Citrus Mist Sprayer

This set includes two pieces which can be used for bigger fruits like lemons, oranges or grapefruits and for the smaller fruits such as limes or tangerines. It consists of a silicone ring which prevents juice from coming out. The dish allows the fruit to stand when not using it. It is dishwasher safe as it is made of ABS plastic and silicone 100% platinum which can stand up to 158F and 425F respectively. It is easy to be used as the screw-like design can easily be inserted and secured inside the fruit. The juice fills the filter through the holes in the sprayer.

Egg Slicer

This Egg Slicer makes round and oval slices. It is made of cast aluminum with powder coated finish. It is dishwasher safe and very easy to use.

Avocado Slicer

This is an all-in-one Avocado Slicer which splits, pits and slices avocados safely and effectively. The pitter removes pit with a safe and easy twisting motion. The slicer removes the fruit from the skin in perfectly even slices. It is soft, comfortable and non-slip grip.

One Touch Jar Opener

This One Touch Jar Opener is a new and improved model with redesigned battery door. You do not have to put effort in it as it is very easy to use. It is powerful enough for new, factory-sealed jars. It will be very helpful for those who have arthritis or impaired hand strength problem.

Egg Yolk White Separator

This Egg Separator is a convenient tool to be used in the kitchen. You can easily separate the white and the yolk in a jiffy with it. It is practical and can be easily washed.

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