This Flower Petal Embroidery Silk Nightgown you are seeing above is on sale actually. It is made of 100% pure and natural silk and you can get it in these sizes: Medium, Large and Extra Large.

As you can see, it is a beautiful silk nightgown. It is so soft and you will feel very comfortable in it. The embroidery at the top is very well placed. You will find that the whole nightgown itself is very well stitched.

Here are the washing instructions:

~ Wash your silk nightgown using lukewarm water and gentle detergent.

~  If you are washing it by hand then make sure that the temperature is below 30°C.

You can have Silk Nightgowns in different colors, designs, and sizes. Do have a look below and make your choice.

If you need more info, then click here.

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