We have seen the Lie and Truth Detector Machine many times in movies and that also they are of different types. Well, now you can have one at home to play games with your family and friends.

This one is called Shocking Liar Lie Detector. As we say honesty is the best policy, so let's have fun with this game. Definitely, you are in for a shock. You will certainly be inspired to tell the truth when you are in the 'hot seat' with the Shocking Liar Detector.

When you place your hand on the top plate of the Detector and answers questions from others, the truth will set you free. Truth normally hurts but a lie might just be worse.

Can you handle the truth?

It includes:

~ Velcro brand fastener strap which holds hand safely in place.

~ 3 AAA batteries.

It is suitable for ages 14 and up. I am sure you will not miss this type of game at home and mainly when all your family are free and want to spend some time together.

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