Are you looking for a good Smartphone Wallet Case?

The one you are seeing in the picture above is from the CM4 brand. It is for iPhone 6 and is an ultra slim Wallet Case that fits 3 credit cards plush cash in a premium, protective soft-touch and fabric case. There is an exclusive soft-touch rubber and premium fabric construction which blends to form a streamlined pocket to carry up to just what you need while on-the-go. The Lay-Flat Screen Guard design and Natural Throw buttons provide ultimate screen protection and enhance the organic connection with your iPhone.

Have a look at the features below:

Ditch the Wallet

What you need most are your phone, ID, and a credit card. So, foster simplicity by exchanging the bulk of a wallet for the sleek Q Card Case.

The Q's Lay-Flat Screen Guard and full frame design protects your iPhone. It is durable and the Q Card Case safely elevates the iPhone's screen with a protective front bezel. This means that you can safely place your phone face down on flat surfaces without scratching the screen.

The Q Card Case is specifically design with Natural Throw buttons that maintain an organic connection with your iPhone. From the shape and location to the tactile 'click' response, the Q Card Case enhances how you interact to your iPhone.

Sleek Convenience

The soft-touch rubber and premium fabric are combined to form a surface that comfortably stays in your hand but won't stick to the liner of your pocket. The case also securely holds your cards while providing convenient access to quickly slip them out when needed.

From the executive stitched fabric to the quick-access slot, every detail of the case has been thoroughly considered. The Q Card Case packs enormous functionality into an ultra slim design.

In fact, this Wallet Case is very well constructed and you don't have to worry as it will never crack. You can use it for years to come. This is the best convenience Wallet Case that you will ever need.

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