Educational Insights Design and Drill Activity Center is a great educative toy which will help your children to creativity. They will love using it to create their own designs, or following the sets colorful activity cards to make pictures and patterns from trains and boats to flowers and fish. 

They just have to snap any one of the drill bits into the reversible power drill or the screwdriver handle, grab a handful of big bolts, and turn on the learning fun. 

This set consists of twenty colorful activity cards (10 make-a-picture cards and 9 follow-the-pattern cards) thus, providing young learners with tasks from simple to challenging. The sturdy board, big bolts, colorful activity cards, and realistic tools encourage young learners to develop a variety of important skills, from color recognition and counting to fine-motor skills and following directions. 

This version comes in a brown corrugate box. It is easy to recycle and great for the environment. It builds coordination, imagination, creative thinking and fine motor skills Features. 

See the picture below to have an idea.

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