New Style Money Saving Box As Birthday Gift

This Vandesail New Style Money Saving Box is great as Birthday Gift. It is the electronic version of the old safe. You can drop the coins into the bank through the slot at the top. It is a fun way for kids to save money. I'm sure the one who will receive it as gift will be excited.

This is a plastic Money Saving Box which has electronics that enable it to speak, make sounds, flash LED lights and operate a mechanism that pulls bills into the safe. A switch inside the safe door lets you choose either voice prompts or beeps. When unlocked and opened, the safe will beep after 10 seconds of leaving the door open, then will give a reminder beep every 30 seconds to ensure you remember to close it. It has a transport that pulls the bills in when they are inserted into the slot on the front side.

It operates on 3-AA batteries and it is a toy which gives kids motivation to save their money. A cool little bank which makes a great gift for a child.

Below are the instructions of how to use it:

~ Install the batteries.

~ Open the safe with the password. The green light should shine, then rotate the knob clockwise and open the door.

~ If you want to change the password, you will have to enter the current password and open the door. Hold on the * button, both green and red lights flash and within 15 seconds, you can enter the new 4-digit password. Then, press # button to store your new password. Both lights will stop flashing and you have to release the * button and close the door of the safe.

~ When the safe is closed, then bills can be inserted in the bills slot. If the bills are stuck in the slot, the red light will shine until the bills are pulled out. You can press the password to open the door after the light stops.

The recommended age of using this safe is 6 years and up.

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