It is a great idea to bring Bamboos into your bathroom. The green colour refreshes your eyes and bamboo is taken to be a Feng Shui plant which represents peace and wisdom. It is said that it teaches the ultimate wisdom of how to be flexible and hollow in life. Hollow here means empty from thoughts and emotions. To be in this state encourages the Supreme Energy to flow freely in you and heal you at the same time.

Definitely, a Bamboo Shower Curtain will not bring you whatever is said above but its presence will remind you of how you must be like and also it will enlighten your bathroom.

This shower curtain you are seeing in the picture above will add some warmth to your bathroom with its truly delicate design. It comes with 12 hanging clips and is light in weight, It is also easy to clean and very practical to use.

I have selected some more for you below:

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