The author of this book, Mr. C. P. Kumar, is a Scientist who works at the National Institute of Hydrology (A Government of India Society under Ministry of Water Resources), Roorkee -247667 (Uttarakhand), India. His research areas of interest are assessment of groundwater potential; saline water intrusion in coastal aquifers; numerical modelling of unsaturated flow, groundwater flow and contaminant transport, management of aquifer recharge; and impact of climate change on groundwater.

The Review of the Book

This book is intended to provide a comprehensive treatise on assessment and modelling of groundwater. It presents the related aspects on assessment of groundwater modelling, groundwater modelling software, modelling of unsaturated flow, modelling of sea water intrusion, and impact of climate change on groundwater resources. 

This book is expected to be quite useful for undergraduate and postgraduate students (water resources engineering), field engineers and researchers working in the area of assessment, development and management of groundwater resources.


1. Water Resources of India

2. Water Balance Analysis

3. Overview of Groundwater Hydrology Aspects.

4. Management of Aquifer Recharge

5. Assessment of Groundwater Potential

6. Groundwater Data Requirement and Analysis

7. Introduction to Groundwater Modelling

8. Basic Concepts for Groundwater Modelling

9. Conceptualisation and Model Design

10. Guidelines for Groundwater Modelling

11. Data Requirements for Groundwater Modelling

12. Capabilities of Groundwater Modelling Software

13. Overview of Groundwater Models

14. A Modular Three-Dimensional Groundwater Model (MODFLOW)

15. Pitfalls and Sensitivities in Groundwater Modelling

16. Common Groundwater Modelling Errors

17. Modelling of Unsaturated Flow

18. Hydrological Problems in Coastal Areas

19. Modelling of Sea Water Intrusion with SUTRA

20. Challenges in Numerical Modelling of Salt Water

21. Impact of Climate Change on Groundwater Resources

22. Mathematical Modelling: Case Studies

His books are highly recommended as they are from own experiences.

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