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4M Kits are amazing as they are Creative, Imaginative and Inspiring. In fact, Educational Toys are the ones which are the most popular nowadays as they teach the kids while they are being creative and having fun at the same time. 

So, if you want your children to explore their hidden talents, then give them one of these 4M Kits which you are going to see below. They are innovative, educational and create opportunities for children to develop positive curiosity and thus, learn through exploration.

You can do your house chores peacefully as they will be busy in involving themselves in meaningful play experiences.

For example, this 4M Water Rocket Kit which you are seeing in the picture above uses the power of water pressure to blast its rocket up to 30 feet in the air. 

Isn't it amazing?

It consists of all the parts required to transform a recycled soda bottle into a functioning water rocket and it is ideal for young kids who love Science and also for those who are interested in rocketry and space flight. It also includes detailed instructions for use and care. 

You will get:

~ 1 Plastic Bottle

~ 4 Fins (1 for Spare)

~ 1 Fin Support

~ 1 Bung

~ 1 Bung Connector

~ 1 Pump Connector

~ 1 Extension Plastic Pipe

~ Detailed Instruction.

You just have to build your own rocket using the bottle, water and a pump and watch it goes high into the air as you pump air into it.

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