Are you looking for Fountains for your garden?

This elegant two-tier fountain you are seeing in the picture above stands a little boy and a little girl huddling beneath a giant umbrella. At their feet, a tiny puppy also attempted to avoid the downpour as crystal clear water cascades down around them. Each tier of this beautiful fountain features elegantly scalloped bowls, that each rest on sturdy, cast stone columns. 

It is constructed from premium fiber reinforced cast stone concrete. It measures 73 inches tall, 48 inches wide, 48 inches long, and weighs 574 pounds. It is rated for indoor or outdoor use. No plumbing is required, as water recirculates within the fountain. It also includes specific use and care instructions. It is designed to last a lifetime and it can be plugged in to any standard 3-prong household electrical outlet. 

You can find more fountains with unique designs below:

Broken Pouring Jug Fountain

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