Decorative Pillows

Decorative Pillows are a plus in decorating the home. You can use them on the sofa, sofa bed and bed. They make you feel more comfortable and support either your back or your head.

You can also use them as decorations only and they are great as gifts too. Today, I have brought to you a selection which I am sure you will love to have.

You may also like the ones below. You just have to either click on the pictures or on the titles to know more about them.

Sharing Is Carousel Pillow 

Bold style is what makes the world go round, and you represent your great taste in your home with this cotton pillow! 
A pale beige and white cushion with indigo, red, and sky blue bursts of colour, this couch accessory is a fun expression of fashion.

Friends and Anemones Pillow

Make waves at your next party with this aquatic-themed throw pillow! 
With a vibrant display of sea anemones, this nautical cushion always welcomes your pal with ocean arms.

All Cactus Pass Pillow

You will feel like a VIP in your own abode with this cactus-printed pillow on your sofa! 
Starring a photo-realistic image upon a woven cover, this comfy cushion brings your home to the height of celebrity status.

A Plume of Your Own Pillow 

When you are settled into your new pad, put the finishing touches on your room with this printed pillow! 
With an aqua blue feather design, pink speckles, and bright tassels, this cotton cushions charming presence will remind you that you are home.

Bo-Homey Pillow 

Combining homespun-style embellishments with vintage-inspired design, this needle-pointed white accent pillow by Karma Living bursts with familiar charm! 
This square cushions removable, zippered case is embroidered with a colorful array of squiggles, swirls, flowers, and leaves. The citron-hued trim includes playful pompoms that delightfully boost the free-spirited feel of your groovy home decor.

Cock-a-Doodle-Doo It Yourself Pillow 

Revamping your vibrant decor? 
Look to this rooster pillow to help your vision take flight! 
Embroidered feathers and a rainbow of fleurs bring life to this white cushion, brightening any room like the morning sun.

Remains to Be Sheen Pillow 

You have never seen decor as fabulous as this metallic pillow and you know at once that it won't be topped! 
A gold, geometric pattern accentuates this ivory cushion, bringing unparalleled style to your posh pad.

Amour Galore Pillow

If all you need is love, bringing this printed pillow into your home will give your decor the ardour you're searching for! 
Be it the bedroom, living room, or sun porch it accentuates, this white cotton pillow and its shining gold heart design add swoon-worthy style to your most beloved space.

Recline of Least Resistance Pillow 

When your to-dos are all checked off, you're ready lounge on cloud nine - or at least on this super cushiony pillow! 
A southwestern-inspired print in aqua, pink, and peach hues bedeck this cotton decor, making your mellow moments all the more sweet.

Throw in Some Geo PIllow

Take a step back and look at your favorite room in which to chill. Something missing? 
Say, this geometric pillow? 
Thought so! 
Its eye-catching red, poppy, brown, and turquoise front - with a stripy southwestern print - pairs with a solid blue back to make cozy lounging cool looking, too!

Happily Marrakesh Pillow

Do you take this brightly printed pillow to liven up your darling decor? 
Of course you do! Swirling with a Moroccan-inspired paprika, aubergine, turquoise, and goldenrod pattern atop its cotton exterior, this throw pillow and your stylish 
sensibilities make one fantastic match.

RV There Yet? Pillow 

During your staycation, this perfectly portable pillow transports you to tranquillity in any room. Welcoming you with a mellow yellow, subtle desert scene and a warm orange sunrise, this cozy cushion will have you wishing you could sit and read forever!

Calm to Your Senses Pillow 

Take cues from this printed pillow and inhale some positive vibes! 
In cool contrasting fonts, the phrase Take a deep breath stretches across a sea of deep navy, joined by a rising sun, lighthouses, and waves, recalling the sights and sounds of a relaxing oceanscape.

Intergalactic Affection Pillow 

Display the lightyears of your love with this adorably printed pillow! Bright white lettering exclaims the intensity of your admiration against its black backdrop, making this cotton bed- or couch-companion a dear reminder of your poetic passion.

In the Tweet of the Moment Pillow

You need a finishing touch for your living room before your housewarming party begins, and this plush pillow clinches your chic decor! 
Flaunting a sweet sparrow that perches in the spotlight, this lilac pillow perfects the stylish scene.

Pep Valley Pillow

Allow this printed pillow to rejuvenate and restore your glowing charisma with each leisurely lounge! 
Flaunting a desert scene that boasts a fuchsia sky, orange-touched mountains, and golden plains, this cushion is sure to brighten your day - and the room!

Wing a Different Tune Pillow

Bolster the stand-alone style of your favorite space with the whimsical charms of this printed pillow! 
Starring a kaleidoscope of butterflies atop a pale slate blue base, this cushiony piece cant wait to be a part of your delightful decorating scheme - so flutter you waiting for?

Estate of the Art Pillow

Your homes been known to astound with its aesthetics, so of course you've made a spot for this printed pillow. Atop a bright magenta hue, yellow blooms and a rich illustration of Frida Kahlo star on this plush cushion, radiating an air of creativity through your artsy pad.

Deer And Now Pillow

Relax and relish in mellow moments side by side with this embroidered pillow. Crafted in oat-hued cotton and displaying vivid blooms, a turquoise buck, and matching pom-pom trim, this eclectic cushion helps to fill you with the nurturing power of nature.

Burst Impression Pillow

New friends will get a sense of your spirit before your visit even begins by spotting this bright pillow in your entryway! 
This teal cushion touts touches of vegan faux suede and teems with personality in its vibrant flower embroidery and its rich citrus pom-pom trim. Brilliant!

Darling Devotion Pillow in Love

Open your heart and home to this taupe pillow, and it will bring affectionate vibes straight to your decor! 
Featuring shabby chic white letters with a message of fondness stitched to its soft cotton base, this pillow is a tribute to your tender loving character.

Days Glow By Pillow in Cobalt

Complement your lively lifestyle and enliven your home with this deep blue pillow. Radiating a welcoming warmth, this cushion spices up any room with its vibrant, embroidery and aquamarine pom-pom trim.

At This Invigorate Pillow in Hibiscus

Introduce this pom-pom-trimmed pillow to your space, and reap the reward of its mood-boosting benefits! 
Bright, floral embroidery in a medallion-inspired layout energizes this decorative cushions bright magenta cotton, as well as your spirits.

Sweet and Scenic Pillow

Not only is this cotton pillow cozy, it also calls to mind the colorful alpine scene of which you dream to be a part! 
That's right, this navy throw boasts embroidered flowers, vines, and bright mountain ranges that make reveries decor realities!

Days Glow By Pillow in Scarlet

Complement your lively lifestyle and enliven your home with this bright red pillow. Radiating a welcoming warmth, this cushion spices up any room with its vibrant, embroidery and goldenrod pom-pom trim.

Dwell-Intentioned Pillow

Guests will know they've entered a welcoming dwelling when they cozy up against this pillow! 
Cooly embroidered with geometric patterns and flowers, and trimmed with white pom-poms, this navy, cotton cushion puts a positive spin on your space.

Light Up the Living Room Pillow

Spread a little sunshine over your abode with this cheery throw pillow! Featuring a heart-warming message in hues of goldenrod and beige, this canvas cushion offers an adorable affirmation to start every day on a bright note.

Rest Your Zest Pillow

Following a long day of quick quips and sassy interacting, you retire to this bright pillow. Perpetuating your peppy personality with its angular shapes, glittering gold sequins, and trios of pompoms at every corner, this pillow carries forth your lively demeanor during your downtime!

Beat Front Property Pillow

Cuddle up with boho-inspired pillow and enjoy your pals in-home acoustic set. This cotton-blend cushion is embroidered with an array of designs and boasts touches of color - and fits in with the laid-back vibes flawlessly!

Whim-terior Decorating Pillow 

Add alluring boho brightness to your space with this brilliantly embroidered pillow! Ultra colorful stitching forms gorgeous blooms and vines atop its oatmeal hued base, and trimmed with precious pom-poms, this woven cotton piece illuminates the expressions of those who enter the room.

Cacti Affair Pillow

You will maintain fun and fancy feel with this cactus pillow! 
Blossoming, green succulents cover this black cotton cushion, representing the distinctive beauty of the desert in your darling home.

Creatures of the Whim-sea Pillow

You've really fallen for the ocean-dwelling lifeforms of this marine blue pillow! 
An array of aquatic critters - including narwhals, seahorses, squid, and more in pastel, almost-bioluminescent hues - makes this cozy nautical number a fanciful addition to your decor.

Prickly Pairing Pillow

You and this black-and-white hedgehog pillow make quite the darling duo! 
Adorable critters of all shapes and sizes strut their fluff on this woven throw, embellishing your decor with sweetness you can cuddle up to. This cute cushion is an altruistic one, too - part of its proceeds will benefit Friends of the National Zoo. Woo!

Needlework of Art Pillow

This embroidered pillow from Karma living is an excellent addition to your antique couch or handmade quilt! Blossoming with a folksy floral design in an array of bright hues, this crochet-trimmed cushion is an inspiration for rustic craftsmanship.

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