Are you exhausted in doing all the household chores?

In fact, there are some household chores that you can get help of. For example, the dishwasher and the washing machine which save your time and energy. In the meantime when your dishes and clothes are being washed, you can either do other household duties, or you can spend time in your favourite hobbies.

It is not only a dishwasher and washing machine that can help you. In fact, there are so many items out there which are very effective and time saving such as the Robotic Vacuum Cleaner you are seeing in the picture above. You just have to relax and the work is done.

The advantage of having it at your place is that it can vacuum, sweep, mop, polish and sterilize different floor types. It even absorbs sub-micron particles using its HEPA filter. It includes a large dustbin, a UV light, a large and user friendly LCD, an extra long brush efficient in picking up hair and numerous other things.

See the pictures below to have an idea.

The Lithium X-AMPlified Battery has 2-Year Warranty and as per its capacity, it can work for over 1 hour and 15 minutes on a single charge. It also has a remote control. So, you can control it for its every movement and function, from its cleaning speeds to its cleaning modes.

It has three different cleaning modes. 

~ It will navigate through a room using sophisticated Waffle TrackTM, Wall TrackTM, and Spiral TrackTM technologies. 

~ It will automatically moves across all the surfaces for a thorough, quick and efficient clean. 

~ It also goes on standby mode after 15 minutes.

So, what will you get in the box:

- bObsweep PetHair

- Charging Station and Charging Adapter (110V/240V compatible).

- X-AMPlified Lithium-Ion 2200 mAh Battery (installed).

- Remote Control.

- Mop Attachment and 2 Micro-Fiber Mopping Cloths.

- 2 Side Brushes.

- Additional Blue Main Brush.

- 2 Additional HEPA Filters.

- Blindfold and Bumper Stickers.

- Maintenance Tools (screws and Phillips head screwdriver).

- Cleaning Tool.

- Owner’s Manual and Quick Start Guide.

- Warranty Card.

It is great as gift too. You will not regret in having it as it does a fantastic job and keeps your home clean.

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