Light Flurries LED WeatherProof Falling Snowflakes Light Projector

The Snow Effect For Christmas

If you are lacking the snow effect during Christmas, then this is a great solution for you. You can use a Light Flurries LED WeatherProof Falling Snowflakes Light Projector. It can turn your holiday decorations into a wonderland.
The effect of this Projector is amazing. Just see the picture below to have an idea:

It works on simple AC power and is of lightweight. It is also and easy-to-use device which will cast an unforgettable cascade of snowflakes on your home. You will be surprised about how beautifully your house is decorated. You do not need any tool for it as you just have to place the weather-proof unit outside the home and watch its wonderful work. You can also adjust the hardness of the 'snow' by turning the speed dial which is located inside the cabinet. Different visual effects on your house can also be achieved by just adjusting the angle of the reflective components. In fact, you can use it for any climate. It projects snow over 60' wide and 40' high.

What is there in the box?

You will get:

~ Weather-resistant housing, 

~ Reflective "snowball"

~ LED spot lamp

~ Motor

~ Plug

~ Power converter 

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