Pinwheel is loved mainly by kids. They can spend hours playing in the backyard area or garden with their pinwheels. First, they are attracted by its colours and secondly by its movement. It moves especially when the weather is windy otherwise it also spins just by blowing on it. 

For example, the Classic Mylar Pinwheels you are seeing in the picture above are made of bright jewel coloured sparkle reflective holographic Mylar. It is a pack of 8 pinwheels and the size is 8-inch in diameter. They are attached to a 12-inch plastic wand and are made with heavy duty Mylar that is crush resistant.

You can use them as party favors, on holidays, in gardens, flower pots, wedding receptions, bridal and baby showers or you can add it also in gift baskets. It is a great way too in scaring nuisance animals or in knowing where the direction of the wind is.

Here are some more for you:

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