Crystal Capacitive Stylus Pen for Kindle Fire iPad iPhone Galaxy

Crystal Capacitive Stylus Pen

Nowadays, things are getting more and more modern and this is because people are becoming more creative. They are bringing out their hidden talents and thus, sharing them with everyone.

For example, the new technologies are of great help to everyone and behind these there are those creative persons which we have to be grateful of. Let us take the invention of iPad iPhones, we can see that many people are taking advantage of them as they are very useful. Instead of carrying your laptop, you can easily carry along with you your iPad iPhone which is lesser in weight and in size. You will feel more comfortable too.

Now, if you already have an iPad iPhone, then you will also need a Stylus Pen.

CCIVV 5.2" Crystal Capacitive Stylus Pen

The Stylus Pen for Kindle Fire iPad iPhone Galaxy you are seeing in the picture above is a dual-function ballpoint pen. It is compatible with all capacitive touch screen devices. Its durable soft rubber tip protects your screen. 

If you are looking for a ballpoint which writes smoothly, then the black ink one is ideal for the same. The sparkling crystals which are filled in the upper half chamber make it look elegant and trendy. It is also designed with mini stylus strap plug which can be plugged into the 3.5 mm earpiece port of the phone or tablet.

See these Stylus Pens closely in the pictures below:

How It Works

It is very easy. You just have to twist the central silver part of the stylus, out or in pops the ink tip. 

The rubber tip protects your screen against smear, scratches and fingerprints.You can clip it in your pocket, book or diary too. As it writes smoothly and does not make any sounds, you will definitely love to have it as well.

The set you are seeing in the picture above consists of 6 Universal short sized stylus touch screen pen and 1 crystal capacitive mini stylus. The colors are light orange, turquoise, dark blue, rose, red, pink and golden.

So, if you want to buy it, have it now as you can get it in more cheaper price. It is of very good quality and you can gift your dear ones or even your students.

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