Celebrate Chinese New Year With These Beautiful Chinese Dinnerware Sets

Beautiful Chinese Dinnerware Sets

Beautiful Chinese Dinnerware Sets
Chinese Dinnerware Set
Chinese New Year 2016 is on the way and as the tradition follows, you must be inviting your dear ones at your place for dinner, right?

It's obvious that you must be wishing to serve your delicious dishes in new and the most beautiful dinnerware set on that special day. 

So, why not celebrate this Chinese New Year with these beautiful Chinese Dinnerware Sets which I am going to present to you today?

They are awesome and I know that you will wish to have them too.

Webetop Livingware Bone China 56-Piece Dinnerware Set

This China Dinnerware Set you are seeing in the above picture consists of 56-piece plate set including pot*1,12" fish plates*1,10" plate*1,8" deep plates*5,8" plates*4,rice bowl *10,plate*10,L size spoon*1,S size spoon*10,ashtray*1,toothpick holder*1,chopsticks holder*1. They are beautifully decorated with rich gold design and this is a perfect match to the contrasting body of crisp white.

They are safe in your microwave, oven, freezer and also in your dishwasher. So, no need to worry about it. It is the sturdy porcelain construction that makes this dinnerware durable and the bone porcelain material has good light transmission and color.

So, if you are having a formal entertaining or more relaxed meals, then this elegant patterned dinnerware set is the ideal one you must have. It has an elegant soft white finish with a classic round design and of the best quality. 

Don't miss this opportunity of buying it online now as you can get it at a cheaper price compared to the price it was before. If you buy it now, you will save $397.01.

Buy it here.

Blue and white bone china dinnerware set

Johnson Brothers Devon Cottage 

20 Piece Place Set

28-piece Bone China Blue and White Dinnerware Set

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