Book Review: All About Life

An Inner Journey To Live A Better Life

All About Life is the second book which I have authored and which will help everyone indeed because it consists of the solutions to all the problems that people normally encounters through in life.

Well, what you will learn from this book will really be of great help to you. All About LIFE is such a book which you will not need to go elsewhere for advice.

For example:

If you are ill, you go and consult a doctor.

If you do not know the meaning of a word, you open the dictionary to search for it.

If you do not know how to cook a dish, you either open your cookbook or look in the net about the same.

All About LIFE is like the above. If you are having problems and you do not know what to do, you just have to open it and find the solution.

Do you know that all the solutions are found within you?

Yes, in fact, you do not need to consult anyone for that. You just have to search for it from within and you will definitely get the answer but I know it’s very difficult for those who do not give enough time for themselves. 
Nowadays, people are so busy that they do not even take proper care of themselves. I’m not talking about the physical body because I know many people are conscious about their health as they do find time to go to the gym or do fitness exercises at home. I’m not talking about the physical beauty too because I know that everyone do care about their skins and they do take proper care about the same.
What I’m emphasizing here is of the problems which you encounter in life. No physical exercises nor cosmetics can find the solutions for you.
Well, in this book you will find the techniques about how to get solutions to your problems. Make yourself your own guide.
You can get ‘All About LIFE in both Kindle and Paperback Formats. You can even gift it to your dearest ones as well because I’m sure you must be happy when they are happy.
So, I highly recommend it to everyone.

I have authored eight books up to now. The first one is entitled 'Inner Journey To PURE CONSCIOUSNESS'. It is a book which will take you to an inner journey full of mysteries.
It is all about the inner experiences which one is aware of while in deep meditation. Mysteries can be discovered only in darkness and these will bring you to an inner transformation so as to be a peaceful and blissful being.

Watch This YouTube Video Below To Have An Idea About The Inner Journey

In the video below, you will find a summary about what happens to a person when he goes deep within himself. The journey within is such a journey that it makes you come back fresh along with bliss and peace. You are free from sufferings which are gained by negative thoughts and negative emotions. You live life in a balanced way, within and without at the same time.

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