Get The Right Key Ingredient Recipe Reader, WiFi Refurbished

Key Ingredient Recipe Reader

Are you fed up in noting down your favourite recipes and when you need it, you have to search for it by turning the pages again and again?

Well, why are you wasting your time and energy when you can easily get a Key Ingredient Recipe Reader which will make your task easier. The one you are seeing in the picture above is the best one I can recommend you.

Why You Should Buy This Recipe Reader?

Let me tell you that this Recipe Reader can put all your recipes at the tip of your finger. You just have to build a collection of your favourite recipes and keep them in one sleek, kitchen-safe device. You can add any recipe to or browse over one million recipes from cooks. In fact, you can even build cookbooks to your taste and then wirelessly sync with your Recipe Reader in seconds. 

It will convert the measurements, suggest ingredients substitutions and help you time your dinner party perfectly. As you know, if the measurements are fine, then it is impossible that your dishes do not taste the same as you want them to be. So, as from today, make this Recipe Reader your friend and see the magic.


This Recipe Reader can do many things for you, such as:

  • It can keep, organize and search through all your favourite recipes.
  • It comes with a built-in stand which is designed to be hands free. You can stand it upright or lay it down for easy reading while you are preparing your dishes. The screen will rotate automatically.
  • It has a full list of common kitchen substitutions, so you will never have to worry about if you have forgotten to buy one of the ingredients needed.
  • It adds your recipes to the Short List for easy access while cooking. 
  • If you cannot read small text, then you do not have to worry as you just have to tap the Recipe Reader's 'Font Size' button in order to enlarge the text to your preference.
  • It includes three built-in Timers.
  • It can also convert any measurements with the simple Conversion Calculator.

What Does This System Require?

Well, it needs a WiFi Internet connection, internet capable browser and a free account.

So, do not hesitate to have it in your kitchen as it will be very helpful for you.

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