The festive seasons are here and you must be looking for some New Bedding Sets for your bedrooms. So, today, I have brought to you some Silk Bedding Sets which are great as they are soft to the touch and spread brightness too. I am sure you will love them.

If you need more info about these beddings, then click on the pictures or on the titles below:

19 Momme Seamless Silk Bedding Set Princess Twin

Rose is loved by almost every woman who prefers purity and beauty. 

Here we have our rosy silk bedding set! We made this using 100% organic silk fabric and designed it with beautiful traditional flower pattern symbolized in China. 

It will bring you unique style and luxurious feel other fabrics do not. Treat yourself with this beauty weapon now.
Luxury Seamless Silk Bedding Set Darlene Twin

What will make your bedroom unique and comfortable? 

Silk bedding it is! 

Silk is a great gift of nature. It is naturally hypoallergenic, breathable and smooth. Many dermatologist even recommend silk pillowcases for face and hair beauty, not alone the whole bedding set made of natural mulberry silk. 

Try silk bedding set now, feel the luxury and softness by yourself.

19 Momme Seamless Silk Bedding Set Bonnie Twin

Lighten up your bedroom with our pure mulberry silk bedding set now! 

The vintage floral designs and beautiful color will add exotic glamour and elegance to your whole bed room layout. 

Available in a variety of colors and styles, this stylish bedding set that will coordinate with any bedroom and add a personalized touch to your bed room.

19 Momme Seamless Silk Bedding Set Victoria Twin

You are desperate to sleep soundly and deeply throughout the night? 

Try our silk bedding sheets!

 Silk is the most natural fabric which is healthy for skin and hair, compared with other fabric such as cotton, polyester. In addition, silk is naturally hypoallergenic, ideal for the allergy suffers who have trouble in sleeping well at night. 
This Floral jacquard silk bedding set is a blend of fashion and health, made with 100% natural mulberry silk and designed with unique oriental floral patterns.

19 Momme Silk Bedding Set Anoushka Coffee Twin

The Anoushka set is made from 19 Momme jacquard Mulberry silk, with an elegant flowery pattern on a coffee, white or golden base, giving the set a luxuriously sophisticated appearance. 

Definitely a great addition if you are shooting for the bright look for your bedroom.

22 Momme Seamless Silk Bedding Set Soft Green Twin

There are many reasons to use silk on your bed. Soft, smooth and light, it gives the least pressure on your body. 

Luxury Seamless Silk Bedding Set Belle Twin

Personalize the look and taste of a bedroom by decorating your room with our pure mulberry silk bedding set. 

We make it using 100% natural silk which is greatly breathable and soft. 

With beautifully-made oriental floral pattern, this bedding set creates an understated elegance and simplicity for your room decoration.

Luxury Seamless Silk Bedding Set Angelina Twin

Fabric: The jacquard sides of duvet cover and oxford pillowcase are made of 22mm Grade A long strand mulberry silk, the plain sides are 19mm Grade A long strand mulberry silk, so do the rest of the bedding set. 

This 22mm mulberry silk bedding set is crafted from 100% mulberry silk. It is designed with oriental trumpet flower pattern and mesh lacey trim around, adding exotic glamour to your bedroom decor. In addition, the softness and smoothness of silk fabric will definitely bring you sound sleep night after night.

22 Momme Seamless Silk Bedding Set Blossom Twin

The Blossom set is introduced after the Alina set in order to broaden our selection of embroidered silk sheet sets. However, with the Blossom set, we wanted to aim for a lively and bright feel which is conveyed through the gold color. 

A great piece if your bedroom has great sunshine exposure, as the color perfectly complements the yellow-ish light of the sun.There are many reasons to use silk on your bed. Soft, smooth and light, it gives the least pressure on your body. 

22 Momme Seamless Silk Bedding Set Rosabella Twin

The Rosabella set is introduced as the third set in our embroidered silk sheet sets series, in the hopes that it could complement the Alina and Blossom sets by offering a warm and cozy feel with its dark coffee color scheme, and indeed the set has become one of our best sellers. 

A great choice for those who live in places where the winter is long and hard - going into your bedroom will become a delight as the warm and cozy haven that is your bed embraces you.

25 Momme Seamless Luxury Bedding Sets Ivory Twin

Our 25 Momme line of seamless silk bedding linen sets are simply the best silk available on the market at the moment. 

Durable to the point you would not believe it is silk, the 25 Momme not only carries all the benefits of its lesser brethrens, but also outlast them by a considerable margin.

The benefits of silk are numerous .Soft, smooth and light, it gives the least pressure on your body. 

22 Momme Seamless Silk Bedding Set Alina Deep Purple Twin

The Alina set is the first embroidered silk set we have introduced to our selection in order to create some variety among our then mono-colored inventory. 

The well-crafted flowery patterns introduce a sense of grace and prosperity to your bedroom, and when coupled with a calming base color like the ocean blue, the overall effect is a subtle balance between upward enthusiasm and collected calmness.There are many reasons to use silk on your bed. Soft, smooth and light, it gives the least pressure on your body. 

19 Momme Seamless Silk Bedding Set Nora Twin

Mulberry silk is produced by the silkworms of the Bombyx Mori moths and have been cultivated and enjoyed by ancient Chinese royalties and aristocrats for over 2000 years. 

Mulberry silk is known for its smooth texture, light weight and soft touch, and is considered luxury by people around the world in history. Our silk bedding set is made from 19mm mulberry silk, adorned with special floral pattern, creating you a comfy and unique bedroom!

19 Momme Silk Crib Bedding Set Coffee Standard

Love your baby with our pure mulberry silk bedding sets! You baby will sleep soundly throughout the night in our silk bedding sheets due to the fact that silk is naturally hypoallergenic and wonderfully soft. 

Buy one for your kids, you will find more health benefits of silk!