Fruit Jam is mostly appreciated by kids. They like to have it along with butter in their sandwiches, bread or cream crackers.


Bavarian Rosehip Jam 

This Rosehip Jam is imported from Bavaria and is made with the fruits of rose. Rosehip produces a delicious sweet jam with a slight tang and a beautiful red-orange colour. It is remarkably high in Vitamin C. It is great to be used on pancakes and even over ice cream.


Wild Lingonberry Jam 

Lingonberry jam is a delightful combination of sweet and tart. It can be used as a filling for Black Forest Cake Perfect or as a glaze for sugar cookies. You can also spread a thin layer on a warm toast with butter. It is imported from Germany. 


Bavarian Blueberry Jam 

It comes from Bavaria and made with wild blueberries. It is rich with sweetness and blueberry flavour. It is wonderful on pancakes. You can also spread over some lemon cake for a great dessert. It is bursting with tiny, whole berries, reviving memories of picking blueberries with loved ones. These wild berries are rich with blueberry sweetness without watery tartness that commercially grown berries contain. 


Butler's Grove - Apricot Preserve (Extra Jam) 

You can enjoy this popular preserve with pastries and croissants.


Possmei Love Fruit (Green Mango) Concentrated Jam 

This concentrated fruit jam is commonly used for making bubble tea slushes, smoothies, juices, and teas. With real fruit pieces, these jams are perfect for not only blended drinks, but also popularly served as toppings on ice cream, frozen yoghurt and shaved ice. It is so fruity that you can actually see the fruit chunks. 


Peach and Apricot Preserve (Extra Jam) 

This delicate preserve combines hand-picked peaches and apricots. It is delightful as a filling in any sponge cake.


St. Dalfour Conserve Pineapple Mango 10 Oz -Pack of 6 

It contains 100% natural fruit and has no artificial flavours or colours. It makes a delicious fruit spread. It is made in France by an old recipe. Pineapple and mango sweetened only with grape juice concentrate.


3 Jars Pineapple Jam 8 oz. each 

Each jar has a net weight of 8 oz. It is great as gift for yourself, family or friends. Everybody's favorite, with chunks of delicious Maui pineapple!


Tunas Jam, Orange, 13.40 Ounce 

Tunas Jam is great for baking and sandwiches.

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