Best Self Improvement eBooks For You

Best Self Improvement eBook List

If you want to help yourself in your inner growth, then the best way to do it is to practice the best techniques for your inner transformation. 

Many people are still searching solutions about how to deal with anger, depression, fear, jealousy and more. In order for you to be in a relaxed mode instead of being tensed, I am going to present to you some very effective Self Improvement eBooks. 

Peace: The Belief & The Reality

'Peace: The Belief & The Reality' is an e-Book which will bring clarity on the difference between the belief and the reality about Peace. Many people have some beliefs about Peace which are making them treading on the wrong path. Due to this, so much energy, time, and money are wasted.

They could have used these in a proper way which would have been useful to them. These beliefs have blinded them so much that they can’t even realize that what they are doing is not right. 

Know that Peace is not something that can be believed. It is something that can be lived.

Who Is A Mother?

Who Is A Mother?’ is an e-Book which relates the truths about a Mother. It’s not about what you already know. It is about the inner mysteries behind being a Mother. There are many things as such that people don’t realize and this is because they can’t see things with a peaceful mind. 

Reality flows only when a mind is peaceful. A peaceful mind has that power that you can’t even imagine. It is then that you come to know about the real truths of a Mother. 

The real truths of: 

  • Who is a Mother? 
  • What are her responsibilities? 
  • What qualities does she have? 
  • What inner powers does she have?

In fact, there are so many realities that you will come to know in this book.

Ghosts - Another Belief System That Is Increasing Fear

Ghosts: Another Belief System That Is Increasing Fear’ is an e-Book which is very important for everyone to read. This is because it will help you in dissolving the fear which you had created and nourished within for so many years now. 

In this e-Book, I have described in details about:
  • How Ghosts are created. 
  • What are there behind them· 
  • The solution to dissolve the fear of ghosts. 
I have also related a real ghost’s story along with explanations. If you believe in ghosts, then this e-Book is for you.

Energy Consuming Energy

'Energy Consuming Energy’ is about the mysteries about the functions of Cosmic Energy. It is not about outer experiences rather inner ones followed by Inner Realizations. There are many things as far as Cosmic Energy is concerned that many people are not aware of. They take it to be something that is not that important. 

The truth about it is that without It, nothing would have been existed. So, you need to know how you are alive and how you are functioning. 

It is not about knowing it as per outer knowledge. You will have to experience and realize it as well, then you will know its importance and you will make sure that you do not do things that go against it. The more you know about it, the better for you because then, you won’t waste it unnecessarily. 

Why Are There Obstacles In Your Life?

Why Are There Obstacles In Your Life?’ is about the obstacles that everyone has to face in life. First of all, it is very important to know about the functions of these obstacles and how to deal with them. 

Do you have to be stressed when there is something blocking your way? 

Do you have to worry when you suddenly find out that something has gone wrong? 

What do you have to do in these situations?

This is what this eBook is about. You have to know why they are coming your way and what you have to do. 

My Awareness Diary

'My Awareness Diary’ is about tips and techniques on how to increase your Awareness. It is very important for everyone to be aware of everything they do and every step they take. 

Most of you have the habit of keeping a diary for noting down your personal things. It is meant to be read only by you. It is called your Secret Diary. You open it most of the time either to write what has happened to you, what you are thinking, what you are feeling or to read those parts of the Diary in which you have mentioned about some special moments, memorable moments which you wanted to cherish forever. 

You also use a diary to write all that you have to do and go on ticking the tasks you have already done so that you don’t forget and miss anything. 

‘My Awareness Diary’ is another one which you can add in your life. 

In fact, it should be your priority Diary. It is the one that will make you remember how to take each and every step while being aware. It is the diary which will help you in growing within. It is the diary which will dissolve all the obstacles in your life. 

‘My Awareness Diary’ says: 

‘If you forget to be Aware, I am here to help and remind you’. 

Live in Awareness. This must be your motto.

This Moment Is Precious

This Moment Is Precious’ is about the mysteries that can happen in this moment. This moment anything can happen but it depends upon what you create in it. This moment is alive and lively but it depends upon how you spend it. 

In this moment, BLESSINGS are showering to you but it depends upon your receptivity.

This moment there are so many opportunities coming your way but it depends upon how much you are open to welcome them. 

This moment………………………

Does Reading Spiritual Books Help Or Realization?

Does Reading Spiritual Books Help Or Realization?’ is a book in which I am sharing with you a question asked by a Seeker on the Spiritual Path. 

In fact, this is a question that many seekers are asking. They are confused about what to do, reading or practicing meditation techniques so as to Realize the Supreme. 

In this eBook, you will come to know about the importance of reading Spiritual Books, what kind of Spiritual Books you must read and when to stop reading these books. It is very important for you to know all these otherwise you will be stuck in your inner growth.

My Experiences & Acquaintance With An Enlightened Being

My Experiences & Acquaintance With An Enlightened Being’ is a book in which I have related my meeting with an Enlightened Being. I have mentioned about how I met her for the first time, how I felt during her presence and the inner transformations that happened in me. 

So many things I learned from her which is beyond imagination. They are from inner depth which is understood only by those who have reached a higher level of understanding. 

Inner transformation is very important for a person to live a peaceful life and for that, the best guidance always comes from an Enlightened Being.

Why There Are So Few Enlightened Beings?

Why There Are So Few Enlightened Beings?’ is a rare book because it contains the insights about what is lacking in you to be in the Supreme State. 

To be enlightened is not that difficult. It is your mind that complicates things and makes it seem impossible. There have been both men and women who are enlightened. Enlightenment is not only for men as many people think of. 

Enlightenment is for all that has minds and who are able to use their inner strength to be in that state. You have so many inner tools and powers which are mostly dormant. 

This eBook will help you in finding out how to use these inner tools and inner powers to be in the Supreme State which is Supreme Awareness State.

The Nature & Process Of The Mind

The Nature & Process Of The Mind’ is a book which will help many of you to know the reality about the Mind. Do you know how your mind functions? It has been a habit to let it function the way you have been used to it. 

Many of you have not gone into depth to know how it functions and how it is like or even how to use it the proper way. Nowadays, we can see many people suffering from so many diseases and most of these come from a stressed mind. 

So, how will you heal yourself? 

Are you going to heal only the physical diseases or are you going to heal the root where the diseases are coming from? 

Know that if you heal one disease, another will appear after some time and this is because the root is still there affected. It’s better to dissolve the root itself so that no other diseases can appear. This is what I am going to share with you in this e-book. 

I am going to help you in dissolving the root, to know how the mind functions, the power of the mind and its nature. Be ready to make the root disappear forever, then only it is possible for you to be stress-free always and not only that, you will be very powerful too.

How To Use Your Inner Powers To Get The Best Results

How To Use Your Inner Powers To Get The Best Results’ is a book in which I am sharing with you the inner mysteries and powers which many people are not aware of. 

You have the habit of using many things found in you already but the reasons about why you are not getting the best results are still unknown to you. You just use them mechanically and don’t want to know in depth how they function. 

In order to get the best results, one must know the inner process of everything that is within. You must know what each of these background powers do exactly. You must know why they are there present in you. There are many things as such which I am going to share with you in this book. 

In fact, when you take birth, you already came along with everything needed for you and for your physical body to function. It is just that there are many things you are not aware of and this is because you have not gone in depth within yourself. 

It needs inner experiences and inner realizations to know all the process of Creation.

How To Bring Awareness In Youngsters

How To Bring Awareness In Youngsters’ is a book which will bring Awareness to all the youngsters along with parents. Many youngsters are taking the wrong track and are indulging themselves in wrong activities which affect them physically, mentally and emotionally too. 

In order to bring awareness to them, this book will be of great help to both parents and youngsters. It will help you to find the reasons why these youngsters are taking the wrong track and there are so many solutions so that can help them in coming out from that. Bring awareness in them now before it is too late.

How To Help People With Autism To Recover Gradually & Naturally

How To Help People With Autism To Recover Gradually & Naturally’ is a book in which I am relating some solutions and techniques as per my inner realizations in order to help those with Autism to recover from the states they are naturally. I know that there are many people in this state and mainly kids who are suffering a lot. All I want is to help them to come out from this situation. I want them to live a normal, blissful and peaceful life. 

Please note that in this book, I am not suggesting anyone to take any medicines or any other medical products. The main solution I am referring to here is how to heal a person naturally. My approach to these solutions is simply as per my own inner realizations. 

My view here is that in order to deal with a problem, one has to deal with the source of that problem and the source is found in depth where many people can’t reach. This is because in order to do so, it needs a higher level of inner understanding and inner depth.

How To Be Aware While Using Technology

How To Be Aware While Using Technology’ is a book which will bring Awareness to everyone. As you can see, nowadays technology is very important for us. It helps us mostly in our daily life, saving time and energy for multi-tasks. 

But, everything that we use must have a limit otherwise they can cause many problems to ourselves, mentally, emotionally and physically. We should be aware that we have to use it properly so that it does not create a negative impact on our health. So, this book is a must to read for mainly parents.

Enlightenment – The Journey To IT And After

In this book, you are going to learn about my inner and outer Experiences, Realizations, Enlightenment, Healing Power, Inner Mysteries, Supreme Knowledge and what happens after Enlightenment. 

There are so many experiences and realizations in the inner journey to the Source, which is Supreme Awareness State, that many of you may not know about or may not have experienced or realized yet. 

So, what I have written here will definitely be of great help to you, mainly true seekers on this path.

The Spiritual Journey Of A Seeker

The Spiritual Journey Of A Seeker’ is a book in which I, Sonali Negi, have written about my Inner Journey as a Seeker. There are also my experiences and realizations. I decided to author this book because I wanted to share many tips with seekers on the same path. 

I want to let you know about what are the things you must do in order to make your inner evolution rapid. I am able to give you these tips because I myself had gone through so many blockages during meditation and I feel that with my writings many seekers will be benefitted. 

This eBook is a great help to you so that you know what you should do when you are stuck somewhere in your inner journey.

How To Live A Balanced Lifestyle

How To Live A Balanced Lifestyle’ is a book mainly for those who have decided to transform their lives into applying a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays, we can see so many people suffering from all kinds of diseases. This is due to not living a well-balanced lifestyle. 

As in order for us to be academically knowledgeable so that we can get a job, the same applies here. We have to know about how to maintain our body and mind so that we can live a better and healthy life. You will find so many keys in this book for a better lifestyle. 

If you go on applying them, you will find the difference in the way you used to live before and after. So, get ready for the best lifestyle ever.

The Importance Of Simplicity In Our Daily Life

The Importance Of Simplicity In Our Daily Life’ is a book in which we have described how in living a simple life, one is less stressful. There are so many things that can be avoided so that one can live peacefully. 

It is just that people are not aware of the same and they go on creating obstacles in their own lives. Real knowledge of how to live life comes from the ones who have realized that Simplicity is the best way to live life. 

Flow Of Wisdom Quotes

In this book, you are going to learn about many topics such as Enlightenment, Devotion, Strength, Ego, Thoughts, Destruction, Creation, Generosity, Mind Power, Happenings, Focussing, Kindness, Attachment, Transmission of Cosmic Energy and more. 

These Flow Of Wisdom Quotes will be very helpful to you in your day-to-day life. It is a guidance that will definitely bring an inner transformation in you. You will meet with Supreme Knowledge. 

Seize this moment to be yourself.

The Best Solution To All Your Problems

In this book, you are going to learn about how to deal with any problem of life and that also in a very simple way. A problem cannot be a mountain that you cannot solve it. It is just a situation for you to test your ability. 

You have taken so many tests as far as your education is concerned, right? In the same way, many tests are there in life too, to see how much you have progressed from within. You cannot just aim at progressing in material life only. You have to see about your inner evolution also. 

There cannot be even one person who will say that he or she has never got any problem in life. Everyone has to meet with problems. Some are very slight problems whereas others are complicated ones. These depend upon your past deeds. This means the way you have lived in the past such as being in negative thoughts, doing negative actions and being in negative emotions. 

You are given several tests as per your deeds. It is upon you to know how to deal with them as per your experiences. But many of you do not deal with them the proper way and instead of solving their problems, these problems become more complicated. Here, they become tensed and attract so many diseases or do wrong actions. 

So, this is why I am going to share with you the best solution ever to deal with your problems. This book will be your best friend. I am sure because it will be of great help to you.

How To Relax Your Mind And Body From Stress – A Beginners Guide To Relaxation

In this eBook, you will learn the Art of Relaxation. You may have heard about this word so many times. There are even many people who use this word but, in fact, they don’t really know what it is. 

Relaxation does not mean that you have to just lie down and close your eyes. 

It consists of a very important process. If you follow this process step by step, then you will really know what relaxation means. This is what I am going to guide you in this eBook. You will learn about how to relax and be out from stress and anxiety.

The Process Of Effort

The Process Of Effort’ is about the inner mysteries behind each and every effort you make. 

Are you making maximum effort in whatever you are doing? 

If ever your answer is ‘Yes’, then how do you know it is the maximum? 

There are so many powerful tools that are used in only a single effort. Many people don’t even realize that behind each and every action of theirs, there is a process. If you come to realize it, this will make you see life differently, not the tensed life or fed-up life or even boring life. 

So, don’t miss to read this e-Book. There are so many inner mysteries that you will discover in it.

So, don't miss to read them. I am sure you will learn so many things that you didn't know before and top of that many good changes will happen to you.

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